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My children began attending Inner Strength Martial Arts seven months ago.  Prior to this we had participat11255094_937990026285940_6149673847529112436_ned in dance, soccer, and baseball for a few years, neither of which my kids enjoyed.  The two oldest would loose interest with in a couple weeks, in fact my youngest son really pitched a fit every time we would go.  This resulted in a loss of a day and it was a miserable time for everyone.  We had heard about the Summer Program at Inner Strength that allowed us to let the kids try out the classes without feeling obligated to continue if the kids didn’t like it.

At the first class the kids took to it immediately, so much so, we dropped all other activities and exclusively take Taekwondo.  After two months my wife suggested I sign up for the adult class and I agreed only if she would sign up also.  Seven months later, the whole family are students and well on our way to black belts.  We couldn’t be happier.

Every class ends with reciting a Bible verse assigned to each colored belt. These verses are to help the student have a focal point when training, I have used this technique and it has aided in bringing me closer to The Lord Christ.

— Rick Crane, Green Belt 2016


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I want to give honor to the great, wonderful teacher, Mr. Rick Hoadley of Inner Strength Martial Arts.  My Kaelyn has been attending his class since the age of 4 going on 5, and now she is 8 yrs old and a black belt, and she loves it. Her dad and I both love it for her, and she has accomplished so much more than fighting skills, as it has made a big difference in her learning ability and in every area of her life thus far and I know it will take her further.  We thank God for helping our little girl to be a part of Inner Strength Martial Arts!

— Laquise Mitchell 2016


My Quotation Marks Logotwo sons, Dalton and Colton have been going to Inner 12666470_753881358045346_1413809358_nStrength Martial Arts for a little over two years now. They started when they were 6 and 9 years old, they are now 8 and 11. They both have become black belts and totally enjoy attending class every week. They have learned so much. They have attended tournaments and have won medals and trophies for their performances. Master Rick Hoadley is a wonderful instructor. He encourages his students to not just do the best they can do in martial arts but also in their everyday life. Inner Strength Martial Arts has a wonderful staff of instructors that take their time with the students and shows personal interest in the progress of each and every student. I highly recommend Inner Strength Martial Arts for children and adults.

— Joline McKenzie 2016

MQuotation Marks Logor. Hoadley is an amazing instructor with many years of experience. He has had many of his best students move on to open schools of their own over the years. He is highly dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in each and every student. I highly recommend his school.

— George Strickland 2014