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We are so very happy you have stopped in! At Inner Strength Martial Arts, our taekwondo program is unique in many ways. Our classes are taught by a qualified Master Instructor with over 45+ years of experience, Grand Master Rick Hoadley. One price gets you unlimited classes & a flexible schedule with classes five days a week. We teach our students bible verses at each belt level. Inner Strength Martial Arts is a family enviroment. Our day time homeschool class will fit right in with your school schedule. You won’t regret signing up with our program. 

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Benefits of Martial Arts

Teamwork & Positive Social Interacations

Self Defense

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Develop Discipline

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Most Improved Taekwondo Students


Elijah Robertson
2nd Probationary Black Belt



Sullivan Peckham
Purple Belt


Customer Reviews

All the reviews below are 100% correct! This school and its instructors are amazing! We love this school and couldn't say enough about it! So very glad a friend shared it with us! 

Greer Ladnier

Enrolling my children in inner strength martial arts has been one of the best parenting decisions that my husband and I have made. We started out with the summer camp to let our boys give it a try and they enjoyed it so much that their big sister wanted to join as well. It has been a blessing to see them improve physically and mentally throughout their training. Having 40 years of teaching experience, Mr. Hoadley can easily switch gears relating to the oldest, most advanced students, as well as the youngest beginners. His knowledge of Taekwondo and sincere interest in child development and psychology is a combination you won’t find in many other veteran instructors. All of the instructors facilitate an environment within which the children are both challenged to attain a higher level of achievement, but also supported and encouraged when failure arises. Having mentors outside of our family that promote the same values as we do has been a wonderful support for us as well. I can not recommend this school more highly.

Stephanie Maples

We have been going for a year and I see an improvement in my son with every class. Not just his skills in Taekwondo but in his everyday life.

Amanda Washburn

We have been coming for over three years with four boys. Fantastic program. Wonderful instructors who really care about each student and their individual needs and growth. I could not recommend it strongly enough!

Nicole Robertson

My 4 year old daughter joined this school last September and has learned so much! Her balance, physical development, focus, manners, discipline, self-control, and overall respect for herself and others has drastically improved. Master Hoadley works with all levels of students every class and personally comments on each and every child continuously throughout the lessons. My daughter feels so encouraged and confident after attending a class, and she is always eager to return again. She goes three times a week and has shown no sign of burn-out. I’m super impressed with how professional and fun the classes are conducted, and I have found it to be a wonderful investment for my daughter. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is seeking a place to belong and to learn valuable martial arts skills from a personable instructor.

Alisha Waite

Mr. Hoadley is excellent with the kids. He takes time to spend with each kid or adults no matter their skill level. He continuously builds them up rather than putting them down when they fail. If you have a kid no matter what age, I recommend his class.

Ryan Reeves

Our daughter had expressed interest in learning Kung Fu after watching Kung Fu Panda. ( Didn't we all? ) However, she would not let go of this desire for over 6 months. We carefully considered the Martial Arts schools in our area.
After reading about Master Hoadley and his children's program we decided to let her try a couple of free classes to see if it was really for her. We have been there for approx a month now and it was a great decision for us! The staff is very kid-friendly and enthusiastic.
Master Hoadley takes time with each and every child and our daughter fell in love with him immediately. He commands a level of respect from all students and earns their fondness through laughter, gentle corrections, and training.
She is learning self-confidence, motivation, goal setting, patience, and many other life skills that are no longer taught in school. I see us being involved with ISMA for years to come!

Mike Fleck

Great school! I cannot say it enough. We came from another school that I regret spending time and money on. With this place, you will not. 

Lisa Sells


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