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Teen’s & Adult’s Program

Unlimted Classes
Monday – Friday @ 7:00pm

Build Self-Confidence

Need a self-confidence boost? Look no further. You are never too old or too out of shape to start! Our certified and assistant instructors will work with you no matter your physical conditioning. 


You are never too old to do something about your fitness level. At our school, you can start at any fitness level. GM Hoadley is a certified fitness instructor. He has put together a challenging program that will allow for excellent progression to better fitness. 

Team Player

By the age of 10, if you haven’t started a sport, it’s difficult to begin. That is not the case with Taekwondo. We are an individual sport with a team atmosphere. In Taekwondo, you will never be benched or asked to sit out. We value all levels of expertise, from the very beginners through experts.


Here you will build life long relationships to carry through into other parts of your life. Your team members will help build confidence and will be the added boost to keep you going when things get hard. 


In today’s world, there aren’t many things more important than being able to defend yourself and your family. As you become more experienced in Taekwondo, you will be confident in your ability to defend yourself and family. 

Challenging Workout

You will be challenged every class by your peers to become a better you. Looking for a good calorie burn? You will shed weight and inches from the beginning.

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